Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bridge Champion Jim McAvoy, Victoria BC.

James McAvoy, accountant, is a Victoria-based CGA and founder of McAvoy Rule & Co.

Among the winners at the 27th annual Caribbean and Central American Bridge Federation and International Festival this spring in Panama, were veteran bridge champs the McAvoys.  Mr. and Mrs. McAvoy won the Open Pairs at the prestigious competition, placing first out of 77 pairs.  They also placed first out of 16 teams in the Swiss Teams Event at the same Festival.

Constance and James McAvoy, Victoria, BC are a husband and wife team.  They actually met one another 34 years ago, at a bridge club in B.C.  Both had a passion for the game.  That meeting began a bridge partnership which still runs strong today as they continue to enjoy the game together and continue to improve their skills. 

Winning both the International Open Pairs event and the Swiss Team event in Panama in 2013 was a culmination of years of honing their skills.

It was just two years earlier, in 2011, that Jim McAvoy, accountant-in-the-know played as a member of Team Canada in the 2011 Bermuda Bowl, aka the World Championship of Bridge, in the Netherlands.

Also on that team was Michael Hargreaves.  It turns out that Hargreaves is not only a brilliant bridge expert, but also a great friend of the McAvoys.   Also a resident of Victoria, he is a partner in the law firm Jones Emery Hargreaves & Swan.

So, how did this passion for bridge begin for James McAvoy, Victoria native?

Jim started to play bridge in his first year at the University of Victoria.  The more he learned, the further he was drawn in.  He became fascinated, and even today feels that “the pool just keeps getting deeper.” 

McAvoy made good progress in learning the game, which he found very rewarding.  But it was after he had the foundations in place that he really started to have fun.  Turns out that fun is a good thing in any game that requires hours and hours of practise required to gain the skills needed to compete at international levels.

James credits local experts like Duncan Smith of Victoria BC in helping him learn the game he loves. Together, these two partnered at the Canadian Bridge Championship in Ottawa, 1992 where they earned their first Canadian Bridge title, winning the twenty team event.

McAvoy is proud to be a two-time Canadian Bridge Champion, and to have represented Canada in international bridge competitions in five World Championships that have taken him to Europe, Central America, the United States and also in Canada.  But he has no plans to rest on his laurels.  Why would he?  The greatest game of cards continues to call!